Obamacare Facts
What is obamacare approval rating ? About 50% of Americans still don't have enough information or understand how obamacare will work to decide if they are in favor or not. And although many have expressed their dissatisfaction about the law, millions still remain quite confused. And although obamacare approval rating is not as high as the administration would like, they believe that as the law is implemented, those still skeptical will see the benefits and will have an informed opinion. Obamcare approval rating is currently at a robust 41% you can see the ratings based on polls from Real Clear Politics on the link below http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/other/obama_and_democra ts_health_care_plan-1130.html
Obamacare Facts 101 Obamacare APPROVAL RATING

Obamacare Approval Rating

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